The Rise of Online Filipino Writers

Business and job outsourcing is very common and popular these days. In a fast-paced and ever-evolving society that we live in, content and ideas can now be easily shared with anyone, especially online. Cascading information and delivering messages have never been easier and faster until now, where people rely a lot on different online platforms to better their daily living. In fact, outsourcing is a very convenient method to most people because they are able to share their expertise and use it for the need of their counterparts, all with just one click from their laptops or smartphones.
Content sharing in an online platform is one method of outsourcing talents. Nowadays, there are plenty of online jobs to choose from, if you are the type of person who chooses to work from home. Fortunately, there are professional online workers who are more than willing to share their expertise in the different area, and there are clients from all over the world who seek their assistance.
Edge of Filipino Online Writers
Since outsourcing is a booming industry nowadays, many business owners and content producers struggle to build their mechanism in countries they think would be beneficial to both parties. Take a cue for outsourcing companies who chose to invest in human capital in the Philippines. Aside from being one of the fastest growing nations in Southeast Asia, Philippines is also a great source of human capital all over the world. In almost any country you go, you can easily spot a Filipino worker. Whether it is a skilled or a white collar job, Filipinos are often trusted to do the job because of their known perseverance, expertise, and dedication to the job. That even holds true for Filipinos working as virtual assistants. Nowadays, it isn’t enough that Filipinos have not only dominated the global workforce, but they are also now being in demand too to work virtually. From online English tutors to being online English writers and editors, Filipinos are more than capable to create quality outputs for their clients.
Online article writing has had a great demand these recent years due to a flock of clients from around the world. And quite normally, clients seek the help of Filipino writers because they possess these kinds of skills:

1. Filipinos are one of the best English writers / speakers
-While it is true that not all Filipinos are grammatically correct when it comes to their English, the majority of them have above the average and sometimes, excellent skills in English writing. Since English is Philippines’ second official language, do not be surprised if you found a Filipino student speaking and writing English fluently. It’s in the nature of Filipinos to be good in English because they study the language since the start of their formative years. It’s an official language they use in schools, business and in government. They are very much exposed to anything American culture- TV shows, movies, books, music, because they were once a colony of that country, so you can easily expect them to adapt the way native English speakers speak or write.

2. Filipinos are highly dependent, well-researched and creative writers
Never miss out a Filipino’s profile online when you are scouting the internet for a possible writer who will fulfill academic (essays, term paper and research paper) or professional needs (blog writing, article writing, marketing research etc). Filipinos are not just decent writers, but they are also highly skilled and creative to do the job. They are well-researched and they can express their ideas in concise and clear manner. Filipinos are also tech-savvy, they can research for a wide range of topics online.

Trump Business Partner Get Appointed US Business Envoy

The Philippine- US relation is strained because of president Duterte’s anti-US rhetoric. President Duterte. President Obama’s administration has been critical of President Duterte’s war on drugs. Duterte has also claimed that it will establish a partnership with Russia and China-two staunch opponents of the US. He also implies that US-Philippine Military exercises will be stopped. He asked the US government not to threat the Philippines as a dog with a leashed and said that the US could forget bilateral defense deals if he stayed in power long enough. The president’s rhetoric against the United States is deemed harmful to the economic well-being of the Philippines. The US is a top trading partner and a strained relationship can have an adverse effect on the Philippine economy. However, the president’s rhetoric against the US is actually directed against the Obama’s Administration. President’s Duterte did not like Obama’s foreign policy. The strife between the two countries occurs because of the following:

  • Obama criticizes Duterte administration for its anti-drug policy
  • Obama and the US accused the administration of Human Rights Violation
  • Duterte responded by telling Obama to go to hell.

Duterte has described the US under Obama’s administration as an unreliable ally claiming that Filipino forces have not benefited from the joint combat exercise in the Philippines. Duterte was also disappointed in the attitude of the Obama administration towards his campaign against Drug. When Mexico conducted a war on Drug the US was in full support. Now the Philippines were conducting a war on drug, and the US being an ally is expected to give its full support. But the contrary happens, the first thing that the US did was to criticize the war on drug program of the Philippine government. This has irked Duterte and told Obama to go to hell.

Duterte administration also felt that there is no need to make friends with this president because his term is about to expire. Obama is regarded as a “lame duck president.” President Duterte is more interested with the incoming administration. He appointed a business envoy to the US who happens to be a business partner of Donald Trump. Centuries Property Group Chairman and CEO E.B. Antonio was appointed as the envoy for trade, investment and economic affairs.

Donald Trump won the election is now the new president of the US. Donald Trump has a non-interventionist approach to international relations. He does not want America to become the international police because it is losing billions of Dollars (ontheissues.org 2016). Donald Trump is a businessman and will trade with anyone who is also a good business partner. With a Philippine business envoy to the US who is also Trump business partner, there is a great chance that US-Philippine relations will go back to normal again. The appointment was considered a strategic move on the part of the Duterte Administration and many hope that Antonio’s position as Trump business partner will renew the friendship of the two nations.

As soon as Trump was declared the winner of the 2016 US presidential elections, Duterte congratulates Trump. Duterte also said that his country can enhance relations with the US, just about a month after telling Obama “go to hell.” As Obama leave office and Trump assume the presidency, Duterte hopes that he and Trump will mend the relationship between the two nations. Duterte has threatened to end the relationship between the US and the Philippines while Obama was still president but with the Trump win, he is now looking forward to working with the Trump administration (Akbar, 2016). There is an optimistic atmosphere in the Philippines because of Trump’s victory. The business envoy to the US could do his job perfectly now that the US president is his business partner.



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Ontheissues.org (2016) Donald Trump Foreign Policy. Retrieved November 12, 2016 from             http://www.ontheissues.org/2016/Donald_Trump_Foreign_Policy.htm


Donald Trump and the Philippine BPO industry: An Overview

Much has been said about the Business Process Outsourcing Industry (BPO) in the Philippines. Aside from the remittances by the Overseas Filipino Workers, BPOs contribute much to the progress of the country. Being one of the key pillars of the domestic economy, BPOs employ thousands of Filipinos across the country.

Industry leaders and experts consider the Philippines as having one of the most thriving BPO sectors. Last year, this sector has brought in revenues equivalent to around 10 percent of the gross domestic product. That means employing 1.2 million jobs and $22 billion in revenue in 2015. Over the years, it has become one of the robust industries in the country and many Filipinos are counting on it for their everyday living.

But as the Obama presidency in the United States come to a close and incoming President-elect Trump promises a change in policies, experts have expressed their thoughts on how the new administration of the most powerful country in the world will take a toll on the Philippines, especially when it comes to trade and investment.

Trump and the new foreign policies

To say that the 2016 Presidential elections in the United States are the talk of the town is an understatement. The anticipation on who will rule the USA draws to a close on the evening of November 8 as electoral votes was slowly coming in. In the end, Donald Trump, a Republican candidate and a known business mogul and reality TV star, ended up winning against the Democrat and political veteran Hillary Clinton. The triumph of Trump, who has no political experience prior to his candidacy to the highest elective post in the country, has brought in numerous concerns not just in the United States but also to the rest of the world. The Philippines, a long-time ally of the United States is considered to be greatly affected by the twist and turns of the Trump administration. Relative to Trump’s promises during his campaign, it is now feared that his victory can be a potential threat to the BPO industry in the Philippines. Two reasons are seen as to why this industry could hurt a lot under the Trump administration:

  • Trump’s America First

– During his campaign, Trump reiterated that he wants to bring jobs back to Americans, which, consequently, will impact the Philippines in terms of the outsourcing industry. It is noted that the Philippines is a host to some of the American companies in the BPO industry. If this will push through, it may turn out bad to the Philippines. It is also noted that under his administration, US companies that have been operating and outsourcing employees abroad will be imposed on taxes, something that will have a direct impact on the Philippines.

  • Economic Protectionism

– A political science professor at Philippine university believes that Trump thinks America has not been getting what it deserves from its various trade deals in other countries. This leads Trump to think that it would be better for the United States to close its economy from foreign competitors. This would mean preventing US companies from operating and moving their factories to other developing countries where the cost of labor is evidently cheap. Throughout the years, US companies have invested in the country leading to the growth of the BPO industry in the Philippines. If the majority of it, if not all, will be pulled out once Trump assumed his post in January, this could jeopardize the booming BPO sector of the Philippines. Less operating companies would mean lesser job opportunities for the Filipinos and a decrease in local revenues.

The Philippine BPO Industry

The Asian countries have been the first destination for outsourced jobs over the past years. The US-based company outsourced their business in Asia because of the quality services that the workforce offer at the most cost effective rate. Asian people are more customer service oriented because they can communicate the English language very well. The Business Process Outsource (BPO) sector in Asia is a more battle between India and the Philippines BPO Industry. These two countries are the two top most chosen by outsourcing companies. Why has the BPO Industry been even more successful in the country?

When it comes to demographics, it seems difficult for the Philippines to beat India due to its huge population that the outsourcing companies can take advantage in India. There are an estimated 484 million of Indians while there are only 38 million Filipinos with ages 25 to 50. However, in the past years, India lost 10% of its global share of outsourced voice related jobs while the Philippines BPO Industry is growing up so fast. According to Information Technology and Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP), the information technology industry in the country employs more than 700,000 workers in 2012 alone and more than 130,000 IT jobs are being added. And this number keeps growing even up to this day.

So what is the reason why the BPO sector in the Philippines is enjoying such huge success?

The legislation of the Data Privacy Act. This is the key factor why outsourcing companies are attracted to put up their business in the country. The said Act protects the Philippines BPO Industry because it puts in place the international data privacy standards which are beneficial for the sensitive information handled by the BPO sector which includes bank details, SSS and other personal data of clients


Why The Philippine BPO Industry is Successful in the Country?

  • The growing employment opportunities. The Philippinesare enjoyingso much on the growing employment opportunities that they have. This is because of the younger generation that comprises the workforce in the country. Outsourcing companies have already expanded from Metro Manila to Davao in order to hire more employees.
  • The better and clear language of Filipinos. The Philippines are being chosen over India because of the clear communication that the Filipinos candeliver. Indian accents are quite hard to understand. This is far different from Filipinos that consider English as their second language which makes it easier for them to learn, speak and write the language.
  • The strong government supports. India’s situation is different from the Philippines because the BPO sector in the latter is well supported by the government. The infrastructure problem in India is another problem in the country.
  • Indians prefer more secure jobs. Most Indians prefer to choose a secure job with BPO industry because they think that the BPO industry is just a temporary job. This is different in the Philippines because more workers leave their jobs over BPO because of the higher wages.

Indeed, the Philippines BPO Industry is enjoying so much success over India because of the support of the government, clear communication conveyed and the growing number of workers. Philippines are expected and foretold to have a bright chance in the BPO sector if only the government and BPO firms will concentrate on strengthening the infrastructure, create human resource development centers to hire qualified applicants even at the local level and become more active to attract more BPO companies to invest in this side of the country. Just as the country is rich in natural resources, the country can boost its untapped workforce that is only waiting for the right opportunity to take advantage and no other industry could provide them a better opportunity but nonetheless the BPO industry.

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